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Puttin' Golf on Hold


Last updated 2/15/2024 at 10:40am

The developers of the highly-anticipated Puttin' Around Borrego, a proposed miniature golf course, has unfortunately put the project on hold.

Joe Carll and his wife Alessandra Blasina of Oceanside, developers of the project, tried to obtain a construction loan but found the interest rates to be too expensive, so this put their plans to a halt. The goal date of breaking ground and opening was set for Fall 2024.

"So we are looking for an investor that would want to join us. Finding such an investor can take some time, if it happens at all," Joe Carll said. "The Borrego community has been very supportive and I want to provide an update on our project, but I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking we are starting construction at this time."

The duo had their 18-hole mini-golf course site plan approved back in July by the County of San Diego after two years of processing, but admitted that it was more of a process and expense that they had anticipated. Grading was done in early September and they hoped to start construction in the winter. However, the progress of that was delayed due to the cost, which is about $775,000 total.

Joe said choosing Borrego Springs as the location of this course was easy, as they enjoy visiting.

"We thought that a mini-golf course was a great fit with all the other attractions that Borrego offers, and the cost of the land is affordable," he said.

On the site they chose, located at 426 Palm Canyon Drive, there is "great traffic visibility, public utility access and is outside of the 100-year FEMA designated flood plan."

Adding, "Plus, the site's zoning designation (C-42) is rare to find in San Diego County. This designation allows outdoor recreation uses like a mini-golf course. So we didn't need to obtain a major use permit."

The theme of the mini-golf course would be Borrego Springs itself, with golf holes to represent some of the local landmarks, businesses, natural terrain, and wildlife found in Borrego.

"Hole themes include a Christmas Circle hole, a Big Horn Sheep hole, a rattlesnake hole, a mini version of artist Ricardo Breceda famous Serpent statue hole and a De Anza Country Club mini-fairway hole. All 18 holes will feature something that relates directly to Borrego Springs. That's why we call it "Puttin' Around Borrego!" Joe Carll said.

"Puttin' Around Borrego will be a place where kids can enjoy an outdoor activity and the local citizens will be excited to bring their guests. And it will be a place where tourists can learn more about what the Borrego area offers while at the same time enjoying a game of mini-golf. Puttin' Around Borrego will be a landmark that the community will be proud of and create some jobs. And a place for fun times with family and friends!"

The Borrego Sun asked Joe Carll, "What can people do to help or if they want to get involved, what can they do?"

He said, "Unfortunately, the mortgage rates for commercial construction loans have increased dramatically from the time we started 2 years ago. We did receive a loan offer to build the project, but the interest rate was 12%. We decided against taking out that loan. Now we are searching for investors."

For possible investors, they are potentially looking for partner(s) that want to help create a memorable family fun experience. A mini-golf course that the Borrego community will be proud of and that the tourists will tell their friends about!

For more details, and to share your ideas, please call or email Joe. His phone number is (760) 522-8530 and his email is

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