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BSFF Transforms into Borrego Springs Film Institute

A Landmark Step towards Promoting Art, Culture, and Education


Last updated 2/15/2024 at 10:51am

The Borrego Springs Film Festival proudly announces its new, independent status as The Borrego Springs Film Institute, a 501c(3) public non-profit organization. This landmark decision marks a significant milestone in the festival’s history, solidifying its commitment to fostering the growth and appreciation of the arts, culture, and education within the community and beyond.

Founded in 2013, the Borrego Springs Film Festival has been at the forefront of showcasing exceptional independent films, documentaries, animation, and shorts, playing an important role in cultivating artistic talent, creating a vibrant film community, and drawing cinephiles from around the world to picturesque Borrego Springs, California.

As the Borrego Springs Film Institute, the organization looks to expand its impact, not only as a platform for showcasing films but also as a catalyst for enriching lives through various educational and cultural initiatives. The creation of its own organization enables the Institute to have more flexibility and broaden its mission by engaging in a more comprehensive range of programs and activities.

The goals of the Borrego Springs Film Institute include:

1. Strengthening Community Engagement: By creating its own nonprofit entity, the Borrego Springs Film Institute will be better positioned to collaborate with local businesses, educational institutions, and community groups to create unique and inclusive film-related experiences. The Institute aims to foster a sense of belonging and ownership within the community, encouraging active participation and support.

2. Advancing Arts and Culture: The Borrego Springs Film Institute will have access to a wider range of funding opportunities, grants, and sponsorships. This newfound financial stability and flexibility will empower the Institute to curate diverse cultural events, film screenings, and artistic programs that celebrate creativity and diversity in the cinematic arts.

3. Fostering Regional Development: The Borrego Springs Film Institute seeks to bolster the economic growth and cultural vibrancy of the region. The Institute plans to attract film tourism, facilitate local collaborations, and contribute to the overall appeal of Borrego Springs as an artistic and cultural community.

As the Borrego Springs Film Institute embarks on this exciting new chapter, the team remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining the festival’s original essence, passion, and dedication to independent filmmaking. The support of the community, sponsors, patrons, and filmmakers has been the driving force behind this transformative decision, and the Institute looks forward to continuing to build upon these relationships.

For more information about the Borrego Springs Film Institute and its upcoming programs, please visit or contact


We are an intimate vibrant festival in one of the most beautiful locations in the United States: Borrego Springs, CA.

The film screenings take place at the Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center every January.

Our community supports the festival and always sells-out our festival passes. Packed houses and a raucous Q&A are all part of the event. We’re an old-school film festival. You’ll meet and greet your audience, have a blast, and interact with everyone!

The Borrego Springs Film Festival is a juried film festival in the categories of narrative, documentary, animation, Latino, and short films.

The BSFF occurs in our small desert resort town surrounded by the 640,000 acres of Anza Borrego Desert State Park. This natural beauty has long attracted tourists and filmmakers and explains the area’s strong historical connection to cinema production.

The earliest feature was made here in the 1920’s and over 60 films have been shot here since. Film industry personalities come to Borrego Springs to live, work, and play. We welcome your creative energy to our film festival and invite you to join us in building a tradition celebrating innovative filmmaking.