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Akrofest Soars Back to Town


Last updated 11/9/2023 at 1:01pm

The annual Akrofest contest is back in beautiful Borrego Springs from Oct. 12 to Oct. 14, where pilots will be flying in the world's finest aerobatic box – permanently surface waivered, built beyond CIVA standards, designed to host the world championships, and practically visible from space.

The contest is filled with pilots of all skill levels with many flying their first competition to those veteran faces and members of the U.S. National Aerobatic Team!

If you'd like to stop by and chat with the pilots during their practice day, Thursday Oct. 12, feel free to do so.

Spectators can expect to see some veterans and even some newcomers lighting up the sky in five categories – primary, power sportsman, power intermediate, power advance and power unlimited, ending with the four-minute free.

The official contest flights start Friday morning, Oct. 13, and finishes around noon on Saturday Oct. 14. Then, at about 1 p.m. that day, theyy'll fly the "Freestyle" flights, which is when the highest-level pilots (we call them "Unlimited") fly airshow-style routines with smoke and music. Come to The Propeller for lunch and stay for the show!

Every year, there are fewer and fewer places where competition aerobatics is allowed, so the decades-long history in Borrego is really something special.

Chapter 36 is one of three IAC chapters operating in Southern California, founded in the 1970s. IAC is a non-profit organization, as are all its member chapters. Chapter 36 is one of the strongest chapters in the IAC and in the Southwest region. It draws members primarily from the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas. It hosts two contests per year, judge certification programs, critique sessions and special programs. It formerly held contests in Ramona, California, and now has an excellent aerobatic practice and contest box in Borrego Springs, California.


Thursday Oct. 12:

0830 to Sunset – Practice

Friday Oct. 13:

0800: Flying

Saturday Oct. 14:

0800: Competition Flying

1300(ish): Freestyle

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