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De Anza Breaks Ground


Last updated 6/8/2023 at 12:09pm

A meeting and groundbreaking ceremony was held at the De Anza Desert Club on April 26.

Prior to the groundbreaking, General Manager Ramien Shalizi presented various slides showing costs for the new landscaping and water management system. With him were the team that will manage the transformation of the course, led by Cary Bickler, renowned golf course architect.

He told those in attendance that the project will bring usage to under 500 acre feet annually and will be converting 67 acres to Drought tolerant native landscaping, saying that the project will, "take a three pronged approach to meet the reduction goal."

1. Relining of both irrigation lakes (completed last summer)

2. Installation of rain birds super-efficient IC sprinkler system

3. Conversion of 67 acres of consumptive turf into Drought tolerant desert landscape

Shalizi explained that the new desert design pays homage to the natural Borrego desert surroundings and extends natural habitat into the golf course. Pictures were shown of the different plants and bushes that would be used in implementing the design. The first phase of planting commenced on May 1, and will continue through the upcoming season.

The head groundskeeper said that the watering of approximately 30 acres of the 67 acres ceased last summer and that the balance of the 67 acres stopped on May 1. And that drip irrigation will be supplying water to the established trees in the area.

Shalizi then continued and said that the course will be re-opening on Nov. 3 with some of the works continuing while the course is open, but not for too long.

He told the Sun, "We are proud to put such a large and meaningful water reduction plan into motion. We are thankful to our De Anza community members for partnering with us to make this vision a reality." Adding, "We look forward to ensuring De Anza Desert Club's future for many generations to come, and to continue supporting our Borrego Springs Community in various ways."

The presentation was followed by the groundbreaking with many members joining in the photo call.

Then with De Anza's great hospitality, drinks and canapais were available in the bar area, with the members and guests discussing the afternoon presentation.