Donna J. Grossman

Aug. 18, 1921 – Feb. 18, 2023


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Donna J. Grossman

Donna J. Grossman passed away peacefully on February 18, 2023 at age 101, the Daughter of Joseph Rodmadke and Alphild Luundquest-Romadke of Minnesota.

She studied at Minneapolis College of Art and Design where she developed her keen sense of aesthetics and started her modeling career. She opened modeling schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Later she worked for Max Factor, demonstrating cosmetics at large department stores nationwide while in the winter working at Metro Goldwyn Mayer as a double for Lana Turner.

During this time, she met her future husband, Harry Grossman. The couple settled in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, in the 1950s where Donna kept and showed Tennessee Walking horses.

Following Harry's passing in 1994, she moved to Borrego Springs, CA, continuing her love of horses there.

She will be remembered as a beautiful, kind and generous friend to all who knew her.