Candles for Careers


Last updated 3/21/2023 at 9:33am

Nestled between Kendall's Cafe and Graphics You Can Trust sits Meta Skin Studio. The store looks to be redesigned and modern, almost otherworldly against the backdrop of brick that makes up the Mall. "Skin Care, Sun Care, Self Care" reads the bold letters on the storefront.

Nicole Mandallaz is the owner of Meta Skin Studio and her youthful glow is a testament to her product's success, while her down-to-earth character speaks to her willingness to give. Charitable entrepreneurs are no rarity in the Borrego Springs community, but Nicole's vibrant energy sets her apart.

Nicole has 14 years of experience in the professional skincare industry, and while she's treated celebrities, her demeanor remains humble and committed to our community.

Around November 2022, Nicole approached Basic Assistance for Students in the Community (BASIC) with an idea. She had heard of the scholarship program meant to help the Borrego community's youth start and finish college and trade school, and she wanted in.

At the Meta Skin Studio inauguration, Nicole promised to give back to the community, and her work with BASIC proves she's doing just that. She dubbed this project 'Candles for Careers' in which 100% of the sales go to our BASIC program. Having grown up in a household that pushed for the importance of education, Nicole felt that BASIC was the best choice for her fundraising efforts. Nicole hopes that the sale of the candles will raise money for trade school scholarships, as she too attended a trade school that helped make her dream of opening a skin care studio a reality.

Her line of Candles for Careers is priced at $25 per candle with four scents to choose from – Palm Canyon Cowboy, Citrus Grove, Sweet Clementine, and their most popular Holiday Hike.

BASIC is thankful for this newfound partnership and encourages community members not to walk, but to run to Meta Skin Studio, and pick up candles. To find out more about Meta Skin Studio check out the web page at To donate to BASIC visit

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