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"Only If You're Wealthy"


Last updated 2/7/2023 at 12:37pm

I am a visitor and I thank you for providing a quiet and hospitable place for me.

I have become aware that Dollar General of Goodlettsville, Tennessee wants to build a store in Borrego Springs. I wonder, is Borrego wealthy enough to afford a Dollar General? This may be an odd question as Dollar General purports low prices and “a shopping option” in small communities.

However, to build a new store Dollar General will ask a community to pay for various tax exemptions and infrastructure upgrades such as roads, driveways, water and sewer connections. In addition, there will be the added cost of fire and police services. These cost will be paid with Borrego resident’s taxes. Is Borrego Springs wealthy enough to do this?

Dollar General usually does have lower prices, but the majority of the items are of low quality. Are Borrego residents wealthy enough to spend their money on low quality products? Usually only the wealthy can do this.

Dollar General says “we provide a shopping option.” Usually when a Dollar General enters a community that does have shopping options, Dollar General’s presence forces businesses to close or significantly reduce their inventory. This results in only one option, Dollar General.

Dollar General tells communities they provide jobs. This is true. However, like the products they sell the jobs are of low quality. Low pay and poor working conditions is the Dollar General track record in small communities across the country.

I refer back to my question, is Borrego Springs wealthy enough to support Dollar General? A Dollar General in Borrego will send Borrego dollars to Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Only the wealthy should do this if they own stock in Dollar General.

I suggest that if Borrego wants lower prices and shopping options you do it. Many communities have developed food cooperatives offering many lower priced bulk nutritious food items. Another idea would be for local business to offer FULL time residents a discount on purchases. It is the full-time resident that keeps Borrego going. I am sure there are other options to keep Borrego dollars at home.

Only the wealthy can afford a Dollar General store

As a guest, I thank you for your wonderful hospitality.

Varick Olson

– Roseville, Minnesota