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By Ellen Fitzpatrick
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Trunk-or-Treat 2021


Last updated 11/12/2021 at 12:57pm

Trunk-or-Treat 2021 was a graveyard smash! The Trunks in attendance were decorated for the occasion, tables and lanterns were set up and treats bagged for the kids. The crowd seemed to be three times the size as it was last Halloween. Perhaps being sequestered in our homes this year, we felt an urgency to socialize and see our community and friends.

The Mall supplied donated candy amounting to three five-gallon buckets, with treats bagged in plastic food server gloves, complete with rubber cockroaches for fun. Carlee's, Miss Borrego Springs and BCHF Dental were on hand with a bounty of treats. Dental kits with toothbrushes were a bonus this year. We also had the firefighters pull into the lot, and they walked around with buckets of candy for the young crowd. The candy disappeared in about 55 minutes, but the camaraderie was such that everyone stayed anyway to enjoy the party atmosphere.

The event was orderly and well-attended. Fred Jee and Russ Webb played music and spooky sound effects through the night and dancing ensued around the parking lot, while costumed trick-or-treaters entered and rounded the lot gathering treats and free books. The Facebook administers from Borrego READS! Had two tables of kids' books, offered free to each child, and they were quickly scooped up.

The Mall sponsors would like to thank the donors and participants for making Halloween a safe and delightful evening for the children this year, and invite you all to come again next year for a growing tradition we can all share.