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Viewpoint: Christmas Circle Water Crisis


Last updated 6/4/2021 at 12:17pm

As the Christmas Circle Community Park Board of Directors look ahead to yet another water rate increase, it is apparent, we are approaching a point where the funds required to maintain the park will no longer be supported by donations and grants. This will result in our inability to continue to provide the only shaded grassed public park in Borrego Valley.

The park is the center piece of Borrego and draws thousands of visitors a year. To close the park due to increase in cost to operate would result in a major hit to the local economy.

There has been numerous proposals submitted to our board to reduce the grass to save water, however, this is not a reasonable solution because the trees still need to be watered. Four years ago, 5,000 square feet of grass was removed in the only area of the park that had little use and no trees. However, the subsequent rate increases nullified the reduction in water cost.

Our Board of Directors have made numerous requests to the Water Board to consider a reduced rate as a community support, to date, that effort has not been successful.

The most recent 10-month period the average monthly water cost was $3,000. Reducing the water rates is the only opportunity to lowering the overall operating cost as the maintenance expense for the restrooms and buildings are constant due to the amount of use.

The Christmas Circle Board plans to have additional discussions with members of the Borrego Water District Board in the near future to determine if solution to the water cost problem can be solved.

Jim Wilson, President Christmas Circle Community Park Board of Directors

– Borrego Springs, California

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