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COVID-19: Vaccine Shipment Delays, County Moves Forward


Last updated 3/18/2021 at 10:35am

As many would be planning for their illustrious spring break travels and events, it is quite a different story for this year.

What was once thought to be a flu-like disease that would be “over by the summer” has truly changed everyone’s lives in more ways than one.

It has also been nearly a year since Governor Gavin Newsom placed the first lockdown on the state, and it has not been the same since. With multiple restrictions, shutdowns, rules, it has been a whirlwind of emotions for many.

California has 3.57 million confirmed cases and over 52,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

Though, progress is continuing with the vaccines, as those in Phase 1B, Tier 1 may be vaccinated which includes teachers and law enforcement. A number of all vaccine doses will be set-aside for school personnel. More and more people are getting their doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, but some delays in San Diego County have backtracked many. San Diego County has 260,356 confirmed cases and 3,303 deaths, as of March 1, 8 p.m.

We can only hope that as time goes on, things will continue to shift in a positive direction, and we can all return to normal. Let’s hope.

February 28, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 260,356. Deaths: 3,303.

- Borrego Springs has 126 cases.

February 27, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 260,094. Deaths: 3,284.

February 26, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 259,644. Deaths: 3,271.

- Due to a nationwide shortage of the Moderna vaccine, the San Diego Petco Park vaccination super station will be closed again. It is unclear what other places will shutdown or if they will administer the Pfizer vaccine.

February 25, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 258,982. Deaths: 3,260.

- CVS Pharmacies said it has over 49,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine ready to distribute across 40 additional sites in California.

February 24, 2021:

Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 258,463. Deaths: 3,230.

- San Diego will begin vaccinating those in Phase 1B, Tier 1 on Feb. 27. This includes those in the education and childcare sectors, non-medical emergency first responders and the food and agriculture sectors.

- The county will set aside 12% of all vaccines for school personnel. Educators should expect appointment information from their individual schools or districts.

February 23, 2021:

Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 257,805. Deaths: 3,218.

February 22, 2021:

Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 257,351. Deaths: ---.

February 21, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 257,030. Deaths: 3,190.

- The state announced the loosening of youth sports restrictions, however, a judge ruled no one can stop San Diego County sports teams from practicing and playing as long as they follow similar COVID-19 safety protocols as college and professional teams.

February 20, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 256,513. Deaths: 3,188.

February 19, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 255,802. Deaths: 3,169.

- Supervisor Jim Desmond announces youth and adult sports competition including football, baseball, soccer, rugby, water polo, softball and cheerleading can resume Feb. 26 in red and purple tiers outdoors with modifications – where COVID-19 case rates are at or below 14 people per 100,000. Testing requirements for certain high contact sports. The state will cover the cost of testing for high school sports.

- San Diego County has a case rate of 22.

- Governor Newsom announced that California will set aside 10% of all first vaccine doses for teachers

February 18, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 254,990. Deaths: 3,135.

- CalFire said that residents without appointments for the vaccination event on February 20 & 21 at the Borrego Springs Library can request to be put on the waiting list by coming to the table that will be staffed by a paramedic near the library parking lot. They will only accept people age 65 and older with a place of residence in SD County. People who had a first dose of Pfizer vaccine three-to-no-more-than-six weeks ago may be able to get a second dose of Pfizer if extra doses become available. Those who want a first dose of Pfizer can also request to be put on the waiting list, but CalFire will not be scheduling a follow up for a second dose three weeks later. Such people would have to get a second dose at a different County site.

- Shipment delays are causing the cancellation of some appointments in the county. Appointments will be rescheduled (notification via email).

February 17, 2021:

Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 254,180. Deaths: 3,099.

- Severe weather across the U.S. are affecting shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine to San Diego, and vaccination sites may need to be put on pause.

- Governor Gavin Newsom announced a $9.6 billion spending deal that would provide a new round of small business grants, $600 stimulus checks for low-income individuals, and more assistance by those affected by the pandemic.

February 16, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 253,641. Deaths: 3,042.

- More than 39 million people have received their first dose of the vaccine. Of those, over 15 million people had received both doses and are fully vaccinated.

- The delayed shipment of vaccines that was due to arrive the Friday prior arrived. The delay is still unknown.

February 15, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 252,943. Deaths: --.

- A delay in shipment of vaccines forces closure in vaccination site until the next day.

* Number of COVID-19 Cases in San Diego County, Information/statistics stated in this article are as of print time, March 1, 8 a.m.