Trunk-or-Treat Sweeps Out the Goodies


Last updated 11/18/2020 at 12:06pm

That's the spirit! Halloween Trunk-or-Treat 2020 at The Mall was a great success, and behind the masks and makeup, appreciation shone on the faces of Borrego's children, teens and adults attending on the night, Saturday Oct. 31.

Announced in mid-October through the CenterMall Newsletter, delivered to Borrego P.O. Boxes, initial interest proved positive and donations of candy, cookies & crackers, books, masks and volunteers quickly followed. Bulletin board flyers and Facebook posts on Borrego SHOPS! and Borrego Springs 92004 helped to churn the ether and the evening soon came together like magic.

Children were so happy to wear their costumes, see their friends and get lots of candy and other goodies. Groups from Julian and camping visitors also attended. The pedestrian flow and parking arrangement were mapped out in advance to allow distance and a safe environment where everyone found it easy to follow the plan.

Miss Borrego Danielle Del Bono greeted each family at the entrance, with Gift Certificates for Jilberto's and Frugal Coyote, along with fun stickers provided by Soroptimists. Fred Jee and Russell Webb played monster music as the families proceeded in small groups to collect candy in bags, sewn cloth masks from Soroptimists, and free books. A great selection of books for all reading levels were donated through a drive on Borrego Reads!, a new Facebook group that brings together local book lovers. Each child chose a book and was treated to the decorated trunks lining the lot east of The Mall.

Fourteen Trunkers signed up pre-event with Linda Stanley and Susan Percival so The Mall could have a roster of trunks. The decorations were fun, creative and enthusiastic, with each Trunker having a table six feet out, where the candy exchange could occur, being replenished by gloved hands and masked faces. One Trunker Witch even had a Broomba dancing around her table!

The costumes made us wish the Photo Booth, Costume Contest and Cake Walk of previous years could have been included! Those activities have enhanced the night since our event began in 2017, and we foresee their continuance in the future.

The time was perfect, though the full moon did not peek through the cloud cover that provided a sweet salmon sky at sunset.

THANKS TO: Susan and Doug Percival, Steve Lamoire and Len Morgan, Fred Jee and Russell Webb for set-up and tear down. Andy and Polly Macuga for rounding up enough treats, gloves and anti-septic. Miss Borrego Springs and the young volunteer directors brought with Martha Deichler. De Anza Country Club, for their cash donation to purchase candy. Soroptimist ladies for sewing and donating hundreds of child PPE masks. Borrego Reads! and Linda Stanley for a bounty of books. Ellen (Dogma) Fitzpatrick, Thom Keyes and Rosemary Fey for manning entry tables. BWD, BAI and BVA and Mario at Fredericks for loaning items to implement social distancing. Jilberto's and Frugal Coyote for Gift Certificates. Residents who donated treats. All the Trunkers who participated!

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