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Last updated 11/18/2020 at 12:07pm

I’d like to start by applauding the Borrego Sun for their investigative reporting on the Borrego Community Health Foundation and breaking this important story wide open. As a journalist, I know hours upon hours have been spent on this story and the Sun isn’t finished yet.

Often the small can be mightier than one thinks.

From an Executive Directors point of view, I regularly hear firsthand from potential homeowners about their concern for lack of medical facilities in Borrego Springs, which is often a deal breaker. I also hear from locals, who do not understand why the medical infrastructure in Borrego isn’t more of an issue with the many organizations in the community, my suggestion is to ask them why. At the Chamber, it is important for us to be able to offer as much information as possible about the medical field in Borrego Springs to locals and visitors. With that said, we are working on a few things that might help with the confusion. It is all of our hopes that after the dust settles and with all eyes upon the BCHF, major restructuring will occur offering Borregans a better health care system.

On another health related note, by now no one should need to be told to wear masks and social distance when appropriate and when putting others at risk. I want to remind business owners to make sure your safety guideline signs are posted and that your “Right to Refuse Service” sign is also posted. Remember, as store owners and employees, if customers are not following the posted health and safety guidelines you do have the right to ask them to leave and refuse to serve them. I hope this doesn’t happen, but chances are it probably will, so be ready.

Françoise Rhodes,

Executive Director

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center



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