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Mall Changes Afoot


Last updated 6/1/2020 at 12:28pm

Photo Courtesy of Ellen Fitzpatrick/Graphics You Can Trust

Backing out of your parking space and hitting that misplaced curbing is about to be mitigated. Nobody liked the parking lot configuration at The Mall, but we tolerated its silly design. And we used to use the drive-up pneumatic tube system to send money and bank documents to the teller inside, long ago.

Work began earlier this spring to tackle the pavement, concrete, planters and sand areas on the east end of The Mall on Palm Canyon Drive. Fredericks Services tore up massive pieces of pavement and concrete to haul away, making room for a new design. Sidewalks and curbing have been reworked around Simpson's Hair Design Studio and the old bank location. Curbed planters are being constructed.

Rounded curbing with plantings will beautify and mirror the upgrades done across the street at The Center.

"The lane widths and parking dimensions come from County specifications. The trees will be planted soon, every 30 feet, to provide shade in the parking lot. The plan is very similar to how the parking at Center Market looks and feels," relayed Jim Wermers, property owner.

Existing parking just outside the courtyard and Simpson's, in front of the old library space, will become nose-to-nose parking with an area to drive next to the sidewalks toward the old bank. We are also adding two handicap ramps and will have two ADA parking Spaces across from each ramp. Raised concrete will replace the drive-up, as an outdoor, shaded extension to the front of The Mall. Wermers explained, "We are still designing the area beneath the old bank drive-thru structure. This design will reveal itself over the next few weeks. This shaded area can be used for outdoor dining, formal or informal community gatherings, art sales, etc. Over time we will see what the space wants to become."

Concrete work will be completed by the end of May (except for the shaded area). Then asphalt paving begins in June.

One-way traffic coming from the Post Office main parking slots, toward The Mall, will have a widened left turn option where two-way traffic ensues. Basically, parking and driving at the east end of The Mall and Post Office will make more sense and be safer. Directionality will be better defined and more parking spaces will be striped in, with the shade trees offering a welcome to The Mall shops.

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