"Supervisor Desmond Op-Ed"


Last updated 2/11/2020 at 1:38pm

Homelessness in California is at extremely high levels and San Diego, while better than San Francisco and Los Angeles, has a steadily rising homeless population. Last week, I partnered with Supervisor Dianne Jacob on addressing the homeless population in San Diego’s unincorporated area.

In our Board Letter, I’ve asked County staff to take a look at existing buildings, which could be used for transitional housing. Also, the County will be adding four additional deputies to the HART program.

The value of human life must always be a foremost concern when developing sound public policy. Additionally, there is also a value to the quality of life that residents and business owners face daily interacting with homelessness. Right now, unintended consequences from ballot measures and policies at the state level have tied law enforcements hands. The citizens of San Diego County demand that we maintain order and sanitary conditions in our public spaces. They are compassionate, but they have every right to demand that their streets and neighborhoods not become unsanitary tent cities for the homeless. None of us would welcome that near our homes, and we should not allow it near others.

While homelessness is a major issue, we need to make sure we are using taxpayer dollars effectively. Taxpayers demand accountability. Compassion alone is not helpful. Programs must be effective and accountable.

Jim Desmond

– San Diego County District 5 Supervisor

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