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De Anza Opens Big, Will Host BSR Golf Tournaments


Last updated 1/23/2020 at 11:02am

Two nights of fine dining split by the De Anza opening day golf tournament gave members the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with new facilities and old friends.

The opening soiree on Nov. 1 pulled in over 200 members and guests, “a magical night,” General Manager Ramien Shalizi said.

Executive Chef Vincent Cavalli went all out in preparing oysters, mussels, other seafood dishes, and an assortment of cheese and gourmet items.

The next day, members and guests went out on the course, now in “pristine condition,” Shalizi said, adding that the new well is in and they’re awaiting completion of pump installation and testing.

There was a full field of golfers that Saturday, and the weather cooperated.

“Unfortunately,” Shalizi said with a chuckle, “there were no golf club records broken.”

In the days following the tourney, a sizeable number of outside golfers came to check out and enjoy the de Anza course.

That evening, de Anza held its annual Grand Gala, where 175 members and guests enjoyed another gourmet meal by Cavalli, salmon and filets, along with a video of the history at de Anza, plus showing off this year’s revived original de Anza logo. Shalizi also talked up the new menus with Chef Cavalli’s “healthy fare,” and how they’re doing private banquets.

Their Food Truck is also now well-stocked with fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies (small samplings were introduced at Christmas circle during Borrego Days), and there are also delicious wraps and salads, plus the usual burger fare. “The full menu is pretty amazing,” said Shalizi.

Also amazing is the generous offer by de Anza to assist the Borrego Springs Resort, particularly the Resort’s Men’s Club. Golf in Borrego took a downward turn when the Resort golf course closed suddenly in September, and water was shut off to both it and the 9-hole course at Club Circle East. Shalizi was saddened by that outcome, but added, “The rooms at the Resort are important to the economy, so we want to do everything we can in support.”

And support they have, in the form of agreeing to host the Resort’s Men’s Club tournaments. De Anza has already booked a December date for the first tournament, with others in the offing for the remainder of this season. This includes the Borrego Cup, previously contested between the men’s clubs of de Anza, the Resort, and Rams Hill. “We haven’t figured it out yet,” Shalizi said. “But we’ll be trying to maintain the tradition.”

They’re short one team now, and it has been suggested that perhaps the Springs at Borrego could scrape up a team, if nothing else for third place fodder. He laughed, adding that they’re doing what they can, and that option is on the table.

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