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RH Construction Update


Last updated 6/20/2024 at 10:25am

As of June 11, 2024:

The Rams Hill construction team completed hydroseeding on Holes 14 & 15 while also beginning Hole 1. Sodding around all bunker faces was completed on Hole 18 in preparation for hydroseeding.

Why Lay Sod Around the Bunkers?

There are many benefits to laying sod around the bunkers faces instead of hydroseeding those areas. The first is the ability to maintain the unique nature of each bunker at Rams Hill. To uphold design integrity, the sod is delicately placed around the edges to not displace the sand or cause any contamination. In order to hold the sod in place, the sod is then "stapled" into the bunker face. At a later time, golf course Architect Tim Jackson will visit the site and mark sand lines, and the construction crew will then come back and trim the excess sod, creating that interesting intersection between sand and turf.

COO and GM Harry Turner commented on the progress of the construction project saying, "While we are working from a very aggressive construction schedule to get all completed and grown in by the first weekend in October, we are currently on schedule due to the advanced planning with Integrity Golf, American Sod and our very capable in house staff. Work has gone as planned and "Mother Nature" is cooperating with the hot weather that bermudagrass thrives in."

Golf Course Superintendent Willie Lopez is looking forward to the upcoming high heat days of July and August as the new TifTuf bermudagrass thrives in the warmth.

"So far, construction is going really well; we have six holes already completed. Right now, we are laying sod, hydroseeding, putting sprinklers in – all aspects of the construction process is going on right now," he said.