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Passion Fuels the Drive of A Dream


Last updated 6/12/2024 at 11:37am

Maribel Tellez, Owner of Maribel's Chair

New hairstylist, Maribel Tellez, is taking Borrego Springs by storm, offering a wide variety of services ready to serve clients of all ages. Her new booth, "Maribel's Chair" is now open at Alicia's Desert Spa.

Maribel, a Borrego Springs resident for almost 10 years embodies hardwork and adherence, harmonizing together work and school life, on top of raising a family.

Her dream of being a cosmetologist, however, was never in the cards for Maribel at first, who stated she never really gave it a thought.

"My daughters grandmother, Josie Mejia owned Genesis Hair Salon in Escondido, and I would hang out there a lot. And she said, 'Maribel, why don't you go to Cosmetology School?' and I remember my Uncle Saul telling me to study a profession to start so I decided to just go for it."

Within that short amount of time, Maribel discovered that she loved making others look and feel good when they left her chair, enjoying the new friendships she built, but the confidence she's able to instill in her clients.

Maribel has taken extensive courses to not only further her knowledge, but to also be able to offer a wider range of services. She attended the Palomar School of Cosmetology in San Marcos and Royale College of Beauty in Temecula, and officially earned her license in 2023. When she finished her courses, she took the instructors course to be able to become a Cosmetology Teacher.

She also has advanced training in makeup artistry, brow lamination and lash lift, and is completing her hair extensions course. Currently, Maribel is halfway through the course of Barbering at the Palm Desert International School of Beauty.

What motivates Maribel to get up every morning, making the commute and working long hours a day? Plain and simple, her children. Her drive and desire to be creative and expressive, making others feel confident and beautiful are things that contribute to making her days easier, but it's about making a positive impact not just for her life, but her children who have been the biggest supporters to her. On top of raising a beautiful family, Maribel manages put in the work day-in and day-out, resilient as can be, to perfectly balance her work life, school life and home life.

But, what is it about hair?

"I'm passionate about hair because it allows me to combine creativity, self-expression, and connections with others. I love helping people feel confident and beautiful by enhancing their natural features and bringing their vision to life," she said. "There's something so rewarding about seeing the transformation in someone's appearance and attitude after a great haircut or styling session. Plus, I enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, which keeps my work exciting and challenging. Ultimately, my motivation is to make a positive impact on people's lives, one hairstyle at a time."

Adding that, "Building connections and having positive people like my school staff, colleagues, beloved clients and guests at the spa are all very special to me, and I admire them, they are also great mentors, who are incredibly supportive."

Current Services Offered:

- Custom Hair Color

- Specialty lightening service

- Perm

- Hair Shaping

- Hair Extensions

- Brow shaping, waxing, lamination, tinting and lash lift

- Scalp Treatments

- Hydrating and deep conditioning treatments

- Beard trims

- Lineups

- Bangs Trim

- Color for Men

- Hairstyling and blowdrys

- Updos

- Bridal Services

To assist in pursuing this dream, and in the Borrego spirit of giving and generosity, the Soroptimists of Borrego Springs awarded Maribel $1,500 thanks to the "Live Your Dream" Scholarship. With the money she received, it helped her with the many tools she needed, as well as gas costs to commute nearly three days a week to and from school in Palm Desert.

"I am proud to be an example to any woman out there that wants to pursue to further their education and their passion while being head of the household. It can be accomplished, and with determination, you just have to keep going," she said about the support she's received from the Soroptimists of Borrego Springs.

The Live Your Dream Award is a unique education grant for women who provide the primary financial support for their families. Live Your Dream Awards give women the resources they need to improve their education, skills and employment prospects.

Maribel's Chair is located inside Alicia's Desert Spa at The Mall, 587 Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 112 in Borrego Springs.

NOTE: Maribel is also looking for three models for three different techniques for hair extensions. Call her today!

To book an appointment with Maribel, contact her at 442-288-8021, or send her an email at

She can also be found on Instagram @maribelschair, Facebook at Maribel's Chair, or visit