BWD Receives Fed Funding Approvals


Last updated 6/11/2024 at 9:20am

The Borrego Water District has been fortunate to receive multiple Direct Congressional Spends for waterline replacement projects in each of the last two Federal Budgets totalling $6.6 Million from Legislators Issa, Padilla and Feinstein/Butler.

One condition of the Funding is a 20% local agency match ($660,000 each), however a process exists where Underrepresented Areas can apply for a waiver. BWD staff has been working with EPA (Program Administrator) on the Application process for EPA #1 and the Waiver. BWD was recently informed its Request for the Waiver of the 20% local match was approved, which will allow BWD to keep $660,000 in the bank. Pipelines in Sun Gold and Borrego Springs Road will be funded by this amazing opportunity. Without these Federal funds, replacement of these pipelines would not have been possible for the next decade or so.

BWD Staff will be working with EPA on Funding Opportunity #2 in late 2024/early 2025 including another request for Waiver of the 20% local match requirement. Pipelines in Deep Well and Lazy S will be replaced as part of this Project. Once again, without funding, this project would have taken decades for BWD ratepayers to fund.

Last but not least, BWD was informed EPA funding opportunity #3 is possible for the 2024-2025 Fiscal Year, with Congressman Issa’s support of additional pipelines for Club Circle and Palm Canyon. A final decision on #3 should occur in late 24 or early 25.