From the Chamber: Welcome New Board Member


Last updated 6/4/2024 at 8:41am

The BSCC is excited to welcome Nidia Meza to the Board of Directors. Many of you know Meza as the Managing Director at BASIC, along with her many community involvements. Meza will bring fresh, new insights to the board regarding our Latino community and the community overall, and to the community she’ll help to enlighten many on the important role the Chamber serves in Borrego Springs.

It’s a wrap! The big budget movie has moved on to their next location, leaving behind a bit of an empty feeling for a few days. I want to congratulate all of the businesses and residents of Borrego for their fabulous hospitality. In talking with many from the production team, they loved the area, people and the respect they were given in the process. For Borrego, the dollars spent was a windfall for many businesses as the crew of 150 didn’t hold back. They were seen at restaurants all over town, shopping in many of the stores, and either filling up or having rooms in every establishment. Will they be back? I was told, “Absolutely, we are looking at another film here in 2025.”

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Françoise Rhodes,

Executive Director

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center



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