Brightening Up with Dark Sky Stickers


Last updated 5/27/2024 at 8:06pm

"No" was the answer after a member of the Dark Sky San Diego Chapter asked if Borrego Dark Sky had a sticker. So fellow Borrego Springs resident and realtor Mary Watkins decided to make it happen.

"It was my idea to make these stickers, but Dorothy Hogan, our graphics gal, did the work in designing them," Watkins said. "We went back and forth on the design a few times, I'd say four days and wanted an action that was possible for everyone to participate with and came up with this design."

The stickers are 3" X 5" and are FREE.

The image is a photo done by member Michael McKeag who is a Dark Sky Borrego member as well as a Dark Sky Oregon member, and it's a great photo showing the mountains and the new sign. They were able to get his permission to use the photo he took of the sign and the sky here in Borrego.

They had 1,000 made of this particular sticker and will give them out until they are gone. If these stickers are well received, it is possible they will continue to make others in the future.

"I assume we will update the messages and make improvements when we make new stickers," Watkins said.

She added that her goal was to, "create a sticker for Borrego and we wanted it to have a reminder of a simple action everyone can take to help keep our skies dark."

You can get these stickers for free for the outside of your vehicle windows at the ABDNHA store, the Library, the State Park Store or Borrego Valley Realty.

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