Another Successful Season for BSCCA


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Congratulations to the Borrego Springs Community Concert Association (BSCCA) for another season of quality eclectic musical entertainment to the Community.

The Borrego Springs Library recently hosted a free public concert to a packed audience of members, donors and guests to celebrate the grande finale for the season. American music performed by the Holy Crow Jazz Band delivered old time jazz and blues from the 1900s through to the 1930s. The band's repertoire included popular songs recorded by artists such as King Oliver, Bessie Smith, Bix Beiderbecke and Louis Armstrong. A range of instruments used by the Holy Crow Jazz Band included guitar, vintage banjo, bass, a variety of saxophones and a frottoir, also called a Zydeco or washboard for percussion.

The history of jazz and blues dating back to the 1800s has opened doors to modern day musicians that bring to life the inventions of African Americans combined with European concepts. Without a doubt, the rapid developments that took place in recording technology and the growing popularity of radio, identifies the talents that continue to inspire in this day and age.

Many of the original artists of jazz and blues have passed on, some amidst turmoil, racism, political repression and more. We admire and acknowledge the fact that their music lives on and thank you to the Holy Crow Jazz Band for sharing your extraordinary modern day talents with Borrego.

Each year, the Borrego Springs Elementary and Middle/High School students take a field trip to the Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center, the cost entirely paid for by the Association, for a special performance and foster music appreciation that will stay with the kids throughout their lives. Some may even be inspired to take up a calling and seek a sponsor.

This season, concerts featured: a Black Nostalgia Group; a Female Operatic Superstar, and a Father and school age Daughter Accordion Duet. Hopefully, people the students can identify with themselves.

BSCCA also does a very special in-house presentation each year at the Elementary School. The Musical selections are from the American songbook. The Participatory Lesson Plan is prepared by a retired Music teacher on the Board. The children learn about a broad number of musical instruments. And this year join the celebration with their Kazoos.

"When we make our concert selections for the season, we concentrate on the genres we want to introduce in our school programs," Richard Gray, said. "Over their 12 years in school, each child will go to at least 12 presentations, covering a wide range of musical material."

Thank you to BSCCA for bringing live entertainment and education to Borrego. The BSCCA's Mission is Educate and Entertain, and do this by bringing quality eclectic musical entertainment to our Community.

Donations from people, companies and organizations pay the bills and make it possible for the Board to provide us with another successful season. Only 40% of the costs are covered by ticket sales. So please consider donating! For more information on BSCCA the website is or PO Box 426, Borrego Springs, CA 92004.

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