AMI and Town Hall Updates


Last updated 4/14/2024 at 12:45pm

Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI): Plans are being finalized and implementation planned for mid-late April on a 100 Meter AMI Pilot. While waiting for the full 2,100 meter order to be filled, the three month Pilot will allow for the Vendor to

activate/test the system on a small scale and BWD staff and 100 Customers to become accustomed to the new sytsem.

The exact locations for the Pilot were determined to test signal strength/reliability as well as obtain as much data as possible. With those goals in mind, the meters selected are geographically spread out towards the “corners” of our system and the highest volume water users have been initially selected. In the coming days, BWD will be reaching out to the 100 Pilot customers to inform them. BWD will also be holding aside 10 meters for any Customer who is enthusiactic about AMI and would like to be part of the Pilot. Call Diana at BWD for details 760-767-5806.

The AMI system is primarily funded thru a State of California Proposition 68 Grant. five other local Organizations have Projects under the same Grant, BS Watermaster, UCI, School and Stewardship Council, in addition to BWD for AMI and Waste Water Treatment Plant wells.

Town Hall 2024: Approximately 50 attended in persom and 20 online for the annual event to provide residents and visitors an overview of events at BWD for 2023 and pertinent topics for the entire Basin. In 2023, the highlight is BWD amazing Funding efforts continued, adding its second $4.5M Direct Congressional Appropriation (ISSA/PADILLA/FEINSTEIN-BUTLER), which brings the Federal and State total to $19 M in the past four years. Completion of three new tanks, one well and miles of pipelines also occurred. In addition, Representatives from each Prop 68 Grantee Organization mentioned, made a Presentation on its individual Project(s). A full recording of the meeting can be found on the Borrego WD website.