Cycle Psyched


Last updated 3/5/2024 at 9:44am

Borrego is a wonderful place to cycle especially in the late fall, winter . and early spring. It's warm weather, long flat stretches of road (there are hills nearby if that's what you want) and little traffic make it almost ideal. And that's why on most days you can spot groups of colorfully decked out cyclists riding their bikes on the roads around town.

Cycling can be both challenging and pleasurable. The physical challenges are obvious. It's the cyclist's power that cranks the pedals and drives the wheels. And that requires eenergy and fitness. What is sometimes overlooked is the mental challenge the sport provides.

And now there's an excellent new book on the subject entitled: Cycle Psyched: Pro Wisdom and the Mental Training to Excel.

The book contains many practical exercises to improve both your cycling proficiency and the pleasure you experience riding. It provides a mental training plan, breathing techniques, suggestions to improve your cycling imagery and self-talk.

It's written by Borrego's own Dr. Saul Miller, an internationally renowned sport psychologist who has worked with world class cyclists for decades and Peggy Maass Labiuk, who raced for the USA, won international medals, set records (including a 24 hour world endurance record of 490.5 miles) prior to becoming a cycling coach and author. In addition to Saul and Peg sharing their expertise with some very practical techniques there are insights and comments form over 80 of the world's top cyclists. Including people like: 4X Tour de France winner Chris Froome, Race Across America winner (and occasional Borrego visitor) Leah Goldstein, Olympic medalist and multiple world champion Chloe Dygert and Olympic gold medalist Nicole Cooke, as well as cycling legends like Greg LeMond and Peter Sagan. If you want to learn what some of the world's best can teach you about having more proficiency, power, and pleasure riding a bicycle... this book is for you.