Borrego Laughed and They're Still Chuckling!


Last updated 3/28/2024 at 11:22am

If laughing truly releases endorphins into the body, then there are hundreds of Borregans who overdosed on this beneficial chemical two weeks ago at the Performing Arts Center. This occurred during the performance of Borrego Laughs, a show written and directed by our local incomparable, talented and hilarious Sherry Harapat.

Sherry has never been able to tell a good joke so instead, she has collected them – hundreds to be exact. When the Performing Arts Center was pondering the shows they wanted to present during the 2024 season, Sherry suggested a show full of her collected jokes and voila! From jabs at Minnesota, "If you think Ketchup is too spicy, you must be from Minnesota" to gender jokes, "A tire is masculine because it's easy to deflate and it goes bald", the audience responded with roars of laughter.

Sherry's personal goal was to introduce new folks to the stage and this she did with much success! At least two-thirds of the 30 member cast were first timers on the stage. Most notably were some of those in Cinderella, a spoof on the fairy tale which included 5 former Honorary Mayors: Jim and Anne Wermers, Fred Jee, Mark Jorgensen and Martha Deichler.

Until you've seen Fred Jee and Mark Jorgensen dressed as the wicked step-sisters, you really haven't experienced "funny."

Margaret Ligget stole the show as the octogenarian in a wheelchair whose family timidly approaches her to discuss a sensitive subject. They explain that it's time for her to relocate to a different place where she can be taken care of in a more appropriate manner and watched after because afterall, she is getting older and often falling down. After a brief pause, they tell her, "It's time for you to run for the State Senate."

The fun-loving show ended with clergy and laity from the Borrego Ministers Association cutting up on stage with some good church jokes and church bulletin mishaps: "Potluck supper Sunday at 5:00....prayer and medication to follow."

Thank you, Sherry, and cast for three days of laughter and smiles. It just might be what we all need every few months to keep our endorphins high!

– Martha Deichler, Cinderella in Borrego Laughs "All right"

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