Borrego Water District Updates


Last updated 2/15/2024 at 12:04pm

The Borrego Water District is entering into contract negotiations with Metron-Farnier for installation of Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) substantially funded by the Basin Wide Proposition 68 Grant. The proposed AMI package will supply and install new “smart” meters on all of BWD’s approximately 2,050 residential and commercial water connections. Meter reads will be received by office staff via daily cellular transmissions from each meter. Using sophisticated software, leak notifications will be provided almost immediately and all rate payers will have access to a useful tool to manage their real-time water usage resulting in significant financial savings to ratepayers and proactive water conservation for the critically over-drafted groundwater basin.

AMI infrastructure is expected to reduce water use by up to 8,500 billing units of water which will save District rate payers $50,000 in usage charges annually. Customer Service staff will have the ability to alert customers that they may have a leak within hours to prevent customers from receiving surprise water bills in the thousands of dollars after monthly meter reads due to an unknown leak. While the Basin is facing huge water usage reductions, this new infrastructure will add front line protection to over 2,000 water connections throughout the basin and provide critical data to manage water resources in response to California Drought regulations. Benefits to the District include increasing availability of water utility staff for critical projects during meter reading time and more accurate meter reading data. Overall, it is a win for Ratepayers, the District and the Borrego Valley Groundwater Basin!

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