Trunk-or-Treat Lights Up the Night


Last updated 11/9/2023 at 2:58pm

Twenty decorated trunks, a magic hut, a fortune teller, spooky tunes, books galore, friendly firefighters and an array of live lizards made our Halloween Trunk-or-Treat event a fabulous experience this year.

Many thanks go to Cal Fire for showing up after a very long and hard week. We so appreciate the work they do, and the children love to see them and their big shiny fire engine. Rams Hill and De Anza Country Club gave generous monetary contributions for our evening's success, and thanks to Jim and Anne Wermers, Russ Webb and Fred Jee for their help and reliability.

Craig Johnson always helps with the book drive, sponsored by the Facebook group "Borrego Reads." This year we had a tremendous amount of books; with the library also participating, to put books in our hands and to keep children interested in reading.

Candy donations from folks all over the valley gave us a plenteous supply. We filled the bowls of those trunkers that were running low, and kept the sweets flowing through the evening. This year The Mall added some inflatable characters, a spider, a vulture and some great ghosts. Hay bales were fashioned into photoshoot backdrops and when darkness fell, all the lighted decorations added a magical touch.

Lizards were a new addition this year, and a hit with the kids and parents alike. Eliseo Escobedo and Emry Aranda shared a Blue Tongue Skink, a Leopard Gecko and a Black Knight Gecko mix with those willing to touch or hold the creatures. Shrieks of fright and joy were the result.

The Paradise's came as fortune tellers, with a crystal ball and cards that predict a bright future. Each visitor chose a fortune cookie that revealed yet another reading to ponder. It was nice to have some cookies instead of candy!

Every year the Trunk-or-Treat event grows and helps celebrate one of our favorite holidays, and the opening of the new season. The Day of The Dead is celebrated in concert with Halloween. November 1st, a display was open for viewing in the Community Resource Center (CRC). The students constructed altars honoring their relatives that have passed, and decorated them with the things that person loved, and photos of family to surround them.

Thanks to every participant and attendee. The event was another screaming success.