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SANDAG Eliminates the Mileage Tax


Last updated 11/9/2023 at 1:15pm

Since its inception, San Diegans have voiced their resounding opposition to the mileage tax. This policy threatened the core principles of American freedom and imposed a disproportionate burden on the majority of our region’s residents. Today, we proudly announce a committed and unified stance to eliminate this regressive tax.

The notion of being tracked and taxed for every mile one drives is fundamentally contrary to the values that define our great nation. San Diego has long stood as a beacon of individual liberty and personal choice, and the mileage tax undermines these principles at their core. It penalizes the hardworking people of our community, making it harder for them to make ends meet and stifling economic growth.

The vote on Sept. 22 is a victory for San Diego and the countless individuals who passionately expressed their opposition to this unfair taxation policy. The collective voice of our community has been heard, and we are taking decisive action to protect our residents from this unjust burden.

We celebrate a win for San Diego and the millions of individuals who depend on us to safeguard their interests.

Our community has shown remarkable resilience and unity. Together, we have triumphed over the threat of the mileage tax and have defended the principles that make our city and our nation exceptional.

Bill Wells

– El Cajon Mayor

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