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Rams Hill Plans


Last updated 9/14/2023 at 11:34am

The BWD Board wanted to hear the latest about the future plans for Rams Hill, allow for public input and ask questions.

Representatives from Rams Hill accepted the invitation and made a presentation to a standing room only crowd and BWD Board on September 8. The obvious issues for discussion at the meeting included water and sewer service, but the issue that probably had the most attention and reaction was affordable housing for Rams Hill employees.

All development in San Diego County is governed and controlled by County policies. Rams Hill is requesting BWD execute County required forms pertaining to future water and sewer service. Prior to signing, BWD has informed Rams Hill that various key technical issues will need to be evaluated. The parties are defining the list of issues and the work will be commencing as soon as possible. To date the issues to be considered include: water supply (potable and irrigation), well siting/sizing , impacts to the Basin from planned pumping and transmission main routes (including existing infrastructure). Waste water issues include use of existing unused capacity in the Plant and future expansion plans. State law requires any developer to pay for all costs associated with its project, including the work identified above thru construction of the entire project.

The vast majority of attendees at the event were a portion of Rams Hills’ 90+ employees. which acted as a visual reminder of one impact -employment. A reality of being employed in Borrego sometimes requires employees to live out of town due to unaffordable rents/low availability. As future development occurs, increases in employment are expected and could double the current levels. Rams Hill plans were shared for off site affordable employee housing, which generated a number of questions and interest.

The results of the various water and waste water analyses will be shared with the BWD Board and public as it becomes available in the coming months.

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