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New Laws in Effect in CA


Last updated 7/18/2023 at 12:56pm

As we are midway through the year 2023, there are new laws going into effect in California as of July 1.

These new laws range from recognizing a new state holiday, new acts, and the changing of compensation.

Juneteenth (AB-1655)

Juneteenth will now be recognized as an official state holiday. This means that colleges and public schools will be closed, in addition, state employees will be granted paid time off.

Criminal Records (SB-731)

Last fall, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law SB-731, marking California as the first state to allow almost all old convictions of a person’s criminal record to be permanently sealed.

Under this legislation, this bill will automatically seal conviction and arrest records for most former offenders if they have not been convicted of another felony within four years after completing their sentences, parole, or probation. Additionally, records of arrests that don’t bring convictions will also be sealed.

This bill would apply to offenses such as domestic violence, but it excludes individuals convicted of serious and violent felonies, as well as those requiring sex offender registration.

File Restraining Orders Online (AB-2960)

AB-2960 gives Californians the option to request and file restraining order related to domestic violence or gun violence electronically, instead of having to show up to court in-person. This bill also requires the Department of Child Support Services or the local child support agency to issue a notice to change a payee on an issued support order.

Firearm Civil Suits (AB-1594)

The passing of this bill establishes a standard of conduct within the firearm industry, obligating firearm industry members to implement and enforce reasonable controls. Members of this industry are required to take necessary precautions to prevent the sale, distribution, or provision of firearm-related products to downstream distributors. Furthermore, they are prohibited from manufacturing, marketing, importing, or providing wholesale sales of products deemed “abnormally dangerous.”

Gun Lawsuits (SB-1327)

Private citizens can sue companies that make and sell firearms if they sell assault weapons or ghost gun products, which are already illegal in the state. The bill carries a minimum bounty of $10,000 for violators.

Housing Laws (AB-2011)/(SB-6)

These two laws, AB-2011 and SB-6 streamline the construction of affordable multi-family housing on land zoned for commercial, retail, or parking purposes. These bills also strengthen wage laws and health benefit regulations for construction contractors.

Bounty Hunter Licensing (AB-2043)

This law mandates the licensing, education, and registration of bounty hunters. It was inspired by a Palm Springs family whose child was tragically killed by an illegal bounty hunter in Palm Springs in 2021.

Teachers (AB-1667)

Under this bill, teachers cannot be required to repay overpayments identified in audit reports by CalSTRS, the state teachers’ pension system. In the past, retired teachers were obligated to reimburse miscalculated payments when audits revealed errors.

Workers Compensation (SB-216)

As a result of this bill, contractors who do not possess worker’s compensation insurance could risk losing their license. Although worker’s compensation was already mandatory, this new penalty will take effect starting July 1.

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