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BWD Board of Directors Public Forum


Last updated 7/18/2023 at 12:54pm

At its June 13 meeting, the BWD Board of Directors held a Public Forum to select the replacement for the Alternate Community Representative to the Borrego Watermaster Board. The action was needed due to the resignation of Martha Deichler, who recently resigned to pursue another opportunity to serve the Community at the Resource Center.

The method of replacing the Watermaster Board Community members is specified in the Borrego Springs Judgment that governs the administration of the Basin. Exhibit 7 states that the Borrego Springs Sponsor Group, Stewardship Council, State Parks and School District shall nominate candidates who will then participate in the Public Forum before being selected by the BWD Board. The local organizations produced two candidates, Jim Dax and Jim Wermers who graciously agreed to participate. The two names were forwarded to the BWD Board for consideration.

The BWD Board had the luxury of selecting from two well qualified candidates. In addition, each candidate supported the other in a positive way. If not selected, neither candidate would have hard feelings and would be happy seeing the other succeed.

Following a brief self-introduction and questions from the Watermaster Board Member in attendance, the Community, and BWD Board, it deliberated and selected Jim Dax. The deciding factor turned out to be the logistical but vital issue of availability on the Watermaster Board meeting dates on 2nd Thursday of each month. Jim Dax is available on that day and has consistently attended Watermaster meetings. Conversely, Jim Wermers had 3 conflicts on that day including food bank, trivia night at De Anza and one other.

Jim Dax was seated and available, if needed, for the Watermaster meeting the day following his appointment. The BWD Board/staff and community truly appreciate the efforts of both Jims in this process.

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