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By Eddie Rivera
BASIC Development Director 

BASIC Salutes Its Graduates


Last updated 6/8/2023 at 12:41pm

Paola Bojorquez

Each year, now for 25 years, Basic Assistance to Students in the Community (BASIC) has devoted proceeds from the annual Circle of Art and our other fundraising activities to its scholarship program. BASIC's scholarship program is part of BASIC's "Cradle to Graduation" multi-prong program designed to give the children and young adults of Borrego the tools to succeed: Dolly Parton Imagination Library providing age-appropriate books monthly to children from birth to age 5; summer Learning Academy giving a boost to 44 children in reading, math and English language skills; and our scholarship program.

BASIC gives two types of scholarships: start-school scholarships to high school graduates planning to attend vocational, two-year, or four-year colleges and stay-in-school scholarships to those who continue their education and work towards a degree. Some even go on and earn masters-level degrees.

Despite all the logistical challenges of attending college from the isolated town of Borrego Springs, many of our scholars have graduated this past academic year. We congratulate them for their accomplishments! Over the next few months, BASIC invites you to join us in saluting them!

To contribute to the education of the children and adults of Borrego Springs, please donate to BASIC's Scholarship Fund by visiting our website or mailing a check to BASIC, Box 1914, Borrego Springs, California 92004-1914.

Paola Bojorquez received her B.A. in Liberal Studies Cum Laude in May 2023 from Cal State University San Bernardino. Paola is currently in the process of acquiring her teaching license. Come August, she hopes to be teaching students at the second-grade level. We at BASIC congratulate Paola for her hard work and look forward to seeing her blossom in her career as an educator.

"Thank you, BASIC, for showing your true colors and helping those that need it the most. BASIC has helped me further my education throughout my four years of schooling. It has been an honor to be chosen as one of your recipients and I am truly grateful for the scholarship support. This scholarship has allowed me to stay more focused in school and work less hours. Each time I received this scholarship, I was one step closer to achieving my academic goals. I could never thank the BASIC team enough. Thank you for all you do for the community and the students."

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