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Open letter to: The Committee to Ensure Primary Care in Borrego Springs


Last updated 6/21/2023 at 10:53am

Thank you committee members for your important efforts to get better medical care options for Borrego. This is important and valuable work. I saw the recent article in the Sun about a vision of many new buildings outside of the Palm Canyon main business district and about plans to destroy 20+ acres of open space adjacent to the state park to house those new buildings. Sadly we already know we are going lose many acres of undisturbed desert land to Solar farms so please don’t add to that loss by further destruction of open space. I’m wondering if a more beneficial way for the town could be considered. Could your plans be more consistent with true Borrego revitalization efforts and with efforts to preserve Borrego’s undeveloped lands?

I know it is easier to bulldoze open space and build on clean land rather than build on existing developed parcels, but easier is not always better right?

In the heart of Borrego’s existing downtown area of Palm Canyon Drive and Christmas Circle there are many unused buildings, excess asphalt parking areas, and vacant lots. One obvious example is the old boarded-up El Borrego building. Rather than an antiquated growth strategy of building on the outskirts of a town and letting its core decay, please consider leaving our beautiful undisturbed lands alone and replace old dilapidated structures with these new facilities in the true heart of the town.

Mark E. Stevens

– Borrego Springs, California

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