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"A Shocking Proposal"


Last updated 6/13/2023 at 11:03am

The two fees proposed by the Public Utilities Commission is poorly thought out, “half backed” and an attempt to hide another tax ona basic necessity – electricity – that we all need and use.

Rate #1 is a surcharge, based on filed income tax returns that is really like a hidden tax on us. The poor would pay less tax and the rich would pay more. This fee is tacked on before we even flick the switch! This tax might be used on us later on, when we recharge our electric vehicles or for energy at the pump. Beward, folks. Socialism is not going to work in this wonderful country of ours – like never! This is the “land of the free,” so do foreigners who live here but don’t file here get free electricity? What about tax cheats? What about out-of-state workers who file their taxes in their home state? Do they get a free rider in Cali?

The world is heating up and our very existence is threatened. Rate #1 discourages going green by cuttng back on rebates, Solar owners and renters now get. It will cripple the budding Solar energy companies that are reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environments by lowering green house gases.

The two proposals don’t even consider households that use more electricity than others during peak times. Charge them more for not conserving.

Electrocute the two rate proposals P.U.C.

Steve Hinze

– Borrego Springs, California

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