Who Let the Dogs Out, Again?


Last updated 4/28/2023 at 10:17am

The stage was set, the red carpet in place, the colored ribbons waiting to be awarded – All for the 2nd Annual Roadrunner Club/Springs RV park Dog Show that took place at the Dreamweaver Amphitheater on March 11.

The big event, featuring 55 dogs competing in 11 different classes, got under way when emcee, Susan Dent, welcomed everyone and gave a big shout out to the generosity of all the Borrego town merchants and individuals, who so graciously donated $2500 in total prizes for the "Lucky Dog Doodle Raffle" with proceeds benefiting Amazingdogs.org.

A non-profit rescue organization with its own shelter and veterinarian's services on site working both the US/Mexican border.

Fred Jee provided the background music, "Gerardo" Jerry Cerros came in from Holtville with his Los Cerritos catering taco truck and was joined by Mohammed of Kettle Corn fame, plus Jennifer Pollard of Borrego Breads selling doggie treats. All of this added a festive feeling at the Amphitheater under sunny skies.

The fair and impartial judging was done by Diana Fox, Linda Bates and Fireman Jake. It was time to LET THE DOGS OUT!

The classes and top prize winners were:

Prettiest Girl: HOKU

Most Handsome Guy: DUKE

Best Eyes: POPPY

Waggiest Tail: TOMMY

Scruffiest: OLIVIA

Best Rescue: IZZY

Golden Oldie (7+yrs.): PUPPY

Cutest: ROO

Best Trick: FERGUS

Smallest: GIDGET

Best Markings: MICKEY MANTLE

Ribbons were given to the top three in each class, with the Blue Ribbon winners coming back on stage for the chance at the BEST OF SHOW honors featuring a giant gift barrel filled with doggie treats, toys and surprises donated by Kahoots in Ramona.

Emcee Dent kept things moving with the help of her team – Kathy Larsen, Fran Wellnitz, Kathy Malneritch, Toby Seeglitz, and the many volunteers who were on hand to keep the show going smoothly.

Raffle winners were announced, prizes were awarded and the tension built as the dogs and their owners once again got back on stage and crossed the red carpet one more time for the Judges.

Finishing in third place owned by Molly and Dave Linn was Roo, a mini cattle dog. In second place was Fergus, a golden retriever owned by Debra MacArthur and Barry Wiener.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE – and the Best of Show and accepting the Giant Ribbon was the Catahoula named Poppy, owned by Sandra Mikovich (the, original organizer of the event) and Joseph Pogorelc.

Through the generosity of donations and the enthusiastic buying of Raffle tickets the organizers were able to benefit their charity Amazingdogs.org with proceeds of over $2,500 – THAT'S AMAZING!!! Thank you to Borrego and our visitors.

Get ready to LET THE DOGS OUT again next year for the 3rd Annual Dog Show set to take place at the Springs Amphitheater on February 24, 2024.

Woof woof!

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