A Howling Success


Last updated 3/16/2023 at 11:13am

The first Peg Leg Smith Liars Contest in two years due to COVID restrictions was held at the American Legion on March 4.

Funny, bizarre, and unique would be the appropriate description. We ultimately presented 18 liars, the perfect number, as anything over 20 causes the audience to forget who was first!

The liars consisted of about half Borrego locals, and the balance from out of town, and out of county. The judges, myself, Rick Dobbins, and Jeff Hamm coming out all the way from Poway to do the honors, had difficulty determining who were the winners as all the stories were clever and hilarious. The winner on points was 'Father', an out of towner and 'alleged' man of the cloth. As he progressed, it became apparent he was not totally dedicated as he finished by pouring a gallon of gin down the gullets of those viewers in the front row.......an interesting blessing!

Enthusiasm was high with anticipation for the next event, and it's apparent our numbers of prevaricators will grow considerably. Fun is contagious! After all, where else can you stand in front of an audience, blatantly lie, and get rewarded for it?! Well, other than Congress of course.

A big thanks to Legion #853 for allowing us to use their venue.

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