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"Keep It Dark" Brochure


Last updated 12/20/2022 at 11:59am

The Borrego Springs Dark Sky Coalition is proud to introduce its new “KEEP IT DARK” brochure. Lighting standards for Borrego Springs are mandated by the County of San Diego in recognition of our status as an International Dark Sky Community (the first in California and second in the world). Adherence is required to preserve our dark, star-studded skies.

With the influx of new residents to Borrego and the increasing use of homes as short- term vacation rentals, it is essential that both old and new residents, plus their vacation rental visitors, understand the valley’s lighting standards.

The new brochure provides an easy checklist to ensure you are using the proper lighting to eliminate light pollution and “keep it dark.”

The brochure is available online at, at the Farmer’s Market at the Dark Sky Coalition booth, at the ABDNHA Borrego Desert Nature Center on Palm Canyon Drive, and the Borrego Springs Public Library.

The five principles of responsible outdoor lighting are:

1) use light only if it is needed (turning lights off is the easiest way to eliminate light pollution),

2) use downward-directed outdoor lighting fixtures,

3) lights should be no brighter than necessary (pay attention to the lumens number),

4) Use light only when it is needed; non-essential outdoor lighting should be off by 9 pm,

5) use warmer color lights (avoid “cool white” LED lights).

The brochure provides examples of approved lighting fixtures, an easy-to-understand chart that identifies lumens levels for various types of outdoor lights, and more information and ideas about lighting. Use the brochure to do a light check-up on your home to be sure you are “keeping it dark.”

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