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By Kim Simas 

Feeding SD Adds Butterfield Ranch Community to Route


Last updated 10/12/2022 at 12:38pm

For years, Feeding San Diego has been delivering food to the Julian and Shelter Valley communities. The mixture of fresh produce, some meat and dry goods are always a welcome addition for many of the families in the backcountry. Especially now with food and gas prices being at an all time high, it's become increasingly difficult for residents to get the food that they need. Having mobile food pantries like those provided through Feeding San Diego is a necessity.

The Butterfield Ranch Community has about 300 residents. Many of whom are without transportation and the resources necessary to sustain a comfortable life in the desert community outside of Julian. In addition to the recent struggles with clean water, getting fresh produce is also difficult. For the past few months, Backcountry Communities Thriving has been assisting with the Feeding San Diego food distributions in Julian and Shelter Valley. BCT took any extra food from those distributions to the Butterfield Ranch Community.

BCT applied for the Butterfield Ranch Community to become a Feeding San Diego distribution site. After some scheduling and logistical changes, Feeding San Diego agreed. Starting in September, Feeding San Diego will deliver a produce pantry to the Butterfield residents once a month. With the residents' limited storage space, it was decided that fresh produce would be the best option. With the help of Erica Moe and Serene Jneid, Feeding San Diego's Direct Service Distribution Managers, the first distribution at Butterfield last week was a huge success. The first distribution included bananas, celery, onions and potatoes. As residents came to pick up the food, they discussed the many wonderful meals that they would make with the produce. Hilary Ward, Executive Director of BCT commented, "it was such a joy to see the residents happy and grateful for the fresh produce as they swapped recipes with each other. I'm so thankful for Feeding San Diego's work and assistance in the backcountry. When residents cannot travel to get or even afford groceries, it's wonderful that organizations like Feeding San Diego are here to help."

For a list of food distributions in your area and to donate to Feeding San Diego, visit Backcountry Communities Thriving is a nonprofit organization supporting Julian and the surrounding rural areas. Visit their website at to find out about their programs and how you can help.

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