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BASIC Salutes Its College Graduates


Last updated 8/3/2022 at 11:36am

Each year, now for 25 years, BASIC has devoted proceeds from the annual Circle of Art and our other fundraising activities to its scholarship programs. BASIC gives two types of scholarships: start-school scholarships to high school graduates planning to attend vocational, two-year or four-year colleges and stay-in-school scholarships to those who continue their education and work towards a degree. Some even go on, and earn masters-level degrees.

Despite the pandemic, despite all the logistical and financial challenges of attending college from the isolated town of Borrego Springs, many of our scholars have graduated this past year. We congratulate them for their accomplishments! Over the next few months, BASIC invites you to join us in saluting them! We begin by saluting two BASIC scholars who are now serving as teachers in BASIC's 2022 summer Learning Academy and two scholars who graduated from college last December.

To contribute to the education of the children of Borrego Springs, please donate to BASIC's Scholarship Fund by visiting our web site or mailing a check to BASIC, Box 1914, Borrego Springs, California 92004-1914.

Anne Bogardt is a past president and past scholarship coordinator for BASIC

Joanne Ingwall is BASIC's CFO and current scholarship coordinator

Tania Fuerte

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the BASIC Scholarship Foundation for supporting me through my undergraduate and graduate work. This scholarship made it possible for me to focus on my education without worrying about financial expenses. Today, I am the first in my family to have obtained both a bachelor's degree and Teaching Credential.

After graduating high school, I attended San Francisco State University and majored in Liberal Studies with a minor in Special Education. Recently, I obtained my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential as well as a Bilingual Authorization from California State University, Long Beach. These accomplishments wouldn't have been possible without the assistance of BASIC, my family and my friends.

I currently reside in LA County. This summer I will be the Reading Teacher for the BASIC Summer Learning Academy. I'm very excited to give back to my community by teaching third and fourth graders how to read fluently in English. After the Learning Academy, I will be returning to LA County and obtain a teaching position.

Once again, thank you BASIC for helping me accomplish my goals! I'm extremely grateful to have grown up in Borrego Springs.

Erik Tulving

Erik Tulving received his B.S. in Professional Flight Licensed commercial-rated pilot summa cum laude from Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus in Phoenix, Arizona in December 2021. He is pursuing a professional airline career. He has been accepted into Southwest Airlines' Destination 225 Cadet Program.

"The amazing people at BASIC have allowed me to focus on school and flight training with the generosity of their scholarships. I was able to dedicate myself to my education and that allowed me to flourish in that environment. The team from top to bottom have always been so supportive of my goals, it has truly been a blessing. Plus the numerous students they have helped around the Valley not only with their scholarships, but their summer school and library programs has been outstanding."

Mayra Martinez

The BASIC scholarship helped me pay for tuition and other necessities throughout college. I went to SFSU for my undergraduate degree and USC for my Master's. I majored in English with a focus in Education. This past year, I worked at Orange Glen High School as an English teacher but am currently applying to other places. I will be working at BASIC's Summer Learning Academy as the ELD teacher for the second year in a row. I am very grateful for the scholarship that BASIC provided because it gave me the resources I needed to discover what I wanted to do and encouraged me to give back to the communities I become involved with.

Leslie Garcia

Leslie Garcia earned her B.A. from San Francisco State University last December, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

"I want to thank BASIC donors for making it possible for me to attend San Francisco State University without me having to worry about the cost of books and supplies. Being able to live in San Francisco for four years was incredible, making friends, exploring cuisines from around the world, and the invaluable education learned in the Criminal Justice Department."

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