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Outage Silences Borrego


Last updated 8/23/2022 at 10:03am

An AT&T outage in Borrego Springs, that barred customers from having service for nearly four days, was finally restored on Aug. 10.

A tower near the area went down on Aug. 7, causing many residents to have limited services or none at all. Some customers, however, were able to turn on their WiFi calling to still receive some calls, while many others were not so lucky.

Representatives who were contacted previously said services would possibly be restored on Aug. 13.

However, crews were finally dispatched on Aug. 10, and were working in the field to get services up and running. At 10:40 a.m. that morning, customers were back on. However, it was in-and-out for most of the day.

Customers shared their displeasure with the company, and some stated they had switched to AT&T for its more reliable services. After this quite long-timed outage, their opinion has slightly changed. Many also cited their concerns with the outage, adding to the long list of reasons why a sexually violent predator does not belong in Borrego Springs. The concerns of not being able to call out or receive any calls, especially those with no WiFi calling, the concern of if the GPS tracker will work or not, and much more were shared.

Due to the inconvenience, customers affected by the outage can contact AT&T for a possible credit to your current or future bill.

It is unclear at the time what had caused the tower to go down, as well as why it had taken AT&T crews to be dispatched to the area so long. Representatives were contacted with these questions, and no response was given at the time of print.