To BSHS Class of 2022


Last updated 6/16/2022 at 9:59am

Dear Class of 2022,

You have done it! I am so proud of all your accomplishments and growth. I have known most of you since you were 5th graders at the elementary school and it has been my pleasure to watch you all grow into respectful young adults.

Your high school experience has been full of ups and downs; especially with COVID-19. I need you all to remember that these experiences only make you stronger in life. You have faced sickness, emotional sadness from being isolated, struggles to adjust to online learning and back to in person learning and the ever changing demands put on us all. This ability to be flexible and learn to adjust will help you in your future plans of college, career, and community life.

Some of you are leaving our little community for college or career opportunities; this will be a culture shock to some of you. Just remember you always have a home here in Borrego and people who are rooting for you to succeed and to be happy. As you all move forward into your next chapter in life, you need to take with you Borrego PRIDE!

Remember to always PERSEVERE through life’s challenging times. Be RESPECTFUL to those around you, yourself and your environment. Show your INTEGRITY with being honest and helpful. Be DISCIPLINED when it comes to your routines and commitments. Demonstrate EMPATHY, especially in times of distress or learning other people’s stories; we have all walked a different path in life and showing understanding is just another kindness you know how to do.

With Love,

Mrs. Baay