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Proposition 68: $7.6 Million


Last updated 3/22/2022 at 11:08am

The results are in...

The Proposition 68 Grant has been awarded, despite the mounting tension of scoring and seeing who would be given a share of funds. Only $5,481,090 of the $7.6 million was allocated. There will be a further round for the balance of the money in about one months time. This will be reported in more detail in the March 31 issue of the Borrego Sun, along with an interview with Borrego Water District Manager Geoff Poole, explaining how the awards were granted.

The Borrego Water District, the Borrego Unified School District, Borrego Valley Stewardship Council, the Borrego WaterMaster and Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy, were given funds of the $5,841,090. Below is the Project Review Committee Score Card for the distribution of Proposition 68.

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