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Garret Wood

"In the early morning, or la mañana, a small group of borrego forage on the mountainside high above Borrego Springs."

The Art of Photography

Borrego Art Institute

Photographer Garret Wood, an accomplished photographer specializing in landscape and architectural photography with a heartfelt passion for the Borrego Springs area, anchored the show with a rather subtle work "Encendidas." Featuring a vibrant, majestic smoke tree glowing against the rugged rock wall in the Fish Creek area. "Encendidas" also won First Honorable Mention, Plants of Anza Borrego, at the 2022 Anza-Borrego Foundation Photo Contest, shown in the north Gallery of BAI.

This work was printed on a canvas like textured non reflective aluminum surface. The non reflective surface makes the viewing experience richer. Also notable by Garret was a large panoramic work, "Truckhaven Vista 11," Garret captured the epic, beauty of the Truckhaven rock formations, darkening clouds briefly parting allowing the sun to splash down on the rocks midst an autumn storm. Garret's award winning work is highly collected not only here in Borrego where he is well known but nationally.

"Milky Way Over Font's Point," by Tom Pula a magical photograph. Tom must have waited patiently for this unique shot capturing the Milky Way, moon and twinkling night sky, light touching the ancient rock formations. A Classic tribute to the beauty of Borrego. This show has some lovely works to enjoy. Possible, the collection is not as spectacular as it has been in past years but non the less an enjoyable viewing experience.

ABF Annual Photo Contest and Exhibition

North Gallery

Borrego Art Institute

Anza Borrego Park has spaces sometimes vast and unending. Over 1,500 species of flora and fauna and 1,000 square miles for a photographer to roam and find inspiring subject matter.

Through photography, we can recall a personal observation or experience while outdoors in nature. Featuring subjects such as strongly defined landforms, weather, and ambient light the definition of nature photography can be broad.

What a stunning show of photography at BAI, North Gallery this year in support of the Anza-Borrego Foundation annual photography contest. The majestic beauty of the park was resplendently, represented by the contestants. Every contestant was a winner in that the standard of work was so exceptional.

BAI North Gallery was packed with enthusiastic supporters. The show is a fascinating experience for anyone interested in photography or getting to see places in the Anza- Borrego State Park you possibly did not even know existed as one attendee pointed out to me.

ABF show was beautifully curated by the ABF staff many of whom are seasoned volunteers that provide service every year for the ABF Photography Show. They are a dedicated community that share a devoted, passion for the park.

First & Best In Show was awarded to, 'Yoni Explosion,' by Chris Maust, although it was accomplished, I felt this photograph did not have the unique light and powerful artistic quality some other works offered.

'Henderson Canyon Drop,' by Tyler Webb, 3rd place, People Enjoying The Park, category was compositionally very intriguing.

'Don In The Desert,' by Rick Huls, 1st Place, People Enjoying the Park. Tells such an endearing visual story of Don, the ardent photographer, bent over the desert floor, intent on capturing small desert flora. Definitely a favorite with viewers and of mine.

'Desert Sunrise,' Robert Weisgrau, 1st place, Cellphone Photos, has an eerie, crepuscular light quality that is masterful.

'Our Lords Candle Ready to Bloom,' Denise Zuranski, Honorable Mention,Plants Of Anza Borrego,showcased a minimal, colorful point of view.

'Unrelenting,' Todd Paige 1st Place, Black and White. Compositionally so creative. What an eye Todd has.

My Personal overall show favorite was by Kevin Key, 'Waiting For The Summer Rain,' 2nd place, Landscapes of Anza Borrego, extraordinary composition with multiple sources of light quality from the desert ground level, mid level, upwards to the sky, all set in an astonishing, combustion of atmospheric conditions. All around a masterful photograph.

Bring the family to enjoy this show it is a photographic adventure into Anza-Borrego State Park.

ART TALK – Beth King

West Gallery-House Of Borrego Springs

Gallery West Art Talk's have evolved into a very intimate informative opportunity to get to know an artist and explore their artistic journey on various levels's from their beginning artistic inspirations to career and art development.

Beth Kings Art Talk at West Gallery blazed with her fascinating, unusual, artistic perspective. A sculptress who uses clear and sand blasted glass, aluminum and chrome hardware, Beth designs herself, and steel cable. Beth explained how she ended up with glass impart originally inspired by the works of graphic artist James Carpenter. Beth decided mid life during her career as a graphic artist to return to school. She saved up three years of vacation time at work, which represented 3 weeks, and dedicated that vacation time to creating a portfolio of hand drawn line drawings, representing her concepts for glass sculptures, which she submitted to California College of Arts and Crafts-Sculpture and Glass.

Beth brought those original sketches to the Art Talk to share with us. Beautiful, clearly realized renderings of her initial sculptural vision from 30 years ago. To be able to see her glass sculpture 30 years later at the West Gallery and through the Art Talk connect the sculpture to Beth's history of how Beth accomplished becoming a sculptress and her intriguing work processes was very exciting.

Beth works surprisingly entirely by hand we learned there is no computer interaction. Sketching ideas by hand then creating a paper maquette of her concept. Beth likes to see the sculpture concepts in real size drawings not on the reduced size of a computer screen.

Beth said, "I gave glass a job," her relationship with glass is surprising, Whereas, glass is the centerpiece of the sculpture, she explained that her interest in designing the contemporary hardware that unites the glass is a preferred part of her process. The sculptures interact with light and produce ever changing, intriguing,shadows on the wall however we learned during Art Talk, shadow's were not necessarily an inspiration for Beth at all. Beth is interested not in focusing on the beauty of glass but challenging it's flexibility under it's own weight, our everyday perceptions of glass and defying gravity in her installations.

Minimalist, geometric, structural and architectural Beth said, 'all my sculpture looks quite simple but it is complex. Art Talk makes for a lovely afternoon interacting with interesting talented artist's, glimpsing into their intellectual and creative influences that supported their artistic vision.

Sculptural Calculations- Beth King- House Of Borrego Springs- West Gallery thru March 30.

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