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Weather or Not in Borrego


Last updated 1/10/2022 at 10:26am

On December 14 – 15, 2021, Borregans experienced a welcome rainfall, with nearly three-quarters of an inch over those two days, and a total for the month of nearly a full inch (0.96 inches), according to the State Park rain gauge data. That’s at least higher than Dec. 2020 (0.15 inches), but not as much monthly rain as we got in Dec. 2018 and 2019 of about 1.6 inches each.

We haven’t had any measurable rainfall in January so far, and the skies look clear until Jan. 12 (as far out as the 10-day forecast shows as of this writing).

As for the season from Sept. 1 through Dec 13., we had what can only be described as a “barely measurable mist” totaling all of 0.17 inch falling on our arid landscape, so that inch of rain last month came as welcome relief.

There is not yet enough data to support any reasonably accurate prediction for the wildflower season. During February, according to the statisticians at, the average rainfall aggregate is 0.83”; in March it averages about half an inch. Doesn’t look promising going forward, but you know what they say about statisticians: A guy who can stand with his head in a hot oven, his feet in a bucket of ice water, and say with great accuracy, “On average, I feel great!”

On the other hand, there was that magnificent double rainbow on the morning of Christmas Eve, centered between Christmas Circle and our Borrego Sun office.

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