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La Casa Del Zorro's Ruben Bernal Retires


Last updated 1/14/2022 at 12:49pm

Ruben Bernal is retiring after 30 years as La Casa Del Zorro's Bell Captain.

Curly Williams, resident manager, called Ruben Bernal's retirement after 30 years, "An end of an era."

"Ruben is an institution at La Casa. He is known world-wide by our guests. With his retirement, it is the end of the Copley owned-era."

Bernal is the last full-time employee to have worked for James and Helen Copley, former owners of the resort. As Bell Captain, Bernal did not perform his work by the book, rather he took His duties beyond greeting the guests, to providing any assistance they needed – help with luggage, directions, reservations for dinner, and much more.

On behalf of his many visiting friends he has made over the years and La Casa employees, Williams acknowledged that, "Ruben will be greatly missed."

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