Frugal Coyote Makes Sizeable Donation


Last updated 2/2/2022 at 11:06am

Ellen Fitzpatrick

What seemed at first a routine local news item turned out to be anything but. Had someone misplaced a comma and added a zero on an oversized check from Frugal Coyote to the Borrego Springs Children's Center? No, it turned out to be legit.

On Jan. 12, Frugal Coyote manager Ann Jastrok, all smiles under her COVID mask, turned over the symbolic (and whopping!) $24,000-dollar check, representing 1st-quarter FY2022 profits, to the Children's Center Director Teresa West.

According to West, the money has not yet been earmarked for specific purposes, but she said the future will surely bring lots more sand, rubber blocks, and "enrichment" items – read toys – for the kids. Some of the money will probably go towards staffing needs, she adds.

For the last 19 years, the Children's Center has been operated by West, who is passionate about providing excellent care for our preschoolers.

As of July 1, the Children's Center has been operated by the Borrego Springs Youth and Seniors Center.

The Borrego Community Health Foundation underwent major changes, including the transfer of operational management of the Children's Center.

The Children's Center is the only licensed daycare operation in Borrego Springs, providing preschool, full-day and half-day care for children in our community and after-school care for Head Start Kindergarten children.

Frugal Coyote, Borrego's thrift shop for nearly 25 years, lost their 501(c)(3) non-profit status after being dropped by the previous owner, Borrego Health; however, under the steady business hands of new owners Jim & Anne Wermers, Frugal Coyote is in the process of re-applying for that same status.

The proceeds from second-hand stuff never looked so good for the entire community.

Jastrok and her crew – Assistant Manager Laura Alcaraz and volunteers Betty Thompson, Ann Collyer, Rudy Squillante, and Raylene Liebhardt – all work hard to bring customers quality customer service and low prices on everything from clothing to housewares to golf clubs, all donated by residents. So, the next time you have to replace broken glassware or dishes, or need a jeans & shirt ensemble but don't want to drive to La Quinta, stop in at Frugal Coyote and help them to help others in the community.