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BVEF Sustains Let's Go Borrego

Rider Reimbursement Program Aids Borregans in Need of Medical Transportation


Last updated 1/10/2022 at 10:25am

Let’s Go Borrego (LGB) is a rider reimbursement program that has been operating since September 2020, thanks to the generous support of the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF). Seniors and disabled folks of any age who live within the 92004 zip code area can be reimbursed for each mile traveled to medical, dental and essential shopping trips inside or outside of Borrego Springs. LGB is a program of the Borrego Springs Youth and Seniors Centers.

Recently, the BVEF announced a second grant of $20,000 to sustain the program during 2022 at the current rate of expenditures.

The LGB committee consists of Betsy Knaak, Committee Chair, Lorry Seagrim, Mary Ann Lord, Marilyn Cole and many others. The LGB Program is facilitated by a powerful software package that is generously donated by Borrego residents David Gonzales and Lesley Cole from Jigsaw Analytics Group.

Volunteer Marilyn Cole prepared a report covering the first 13 months of the LGB program. The following is excerpted from the report:

Since September 2020, Let’s Go Borrego has provided much needed transportation assistance to individuals within the 92004 zip code area who are transportation challenged. Over 40 Borregans, who learned about Let’s Go Borrego from outreach efforts led by the Youth and Seniors Centers with help from the Chamber of Commerce, local food banks, and word-of-mouth referral, were contacted by pilot project volunteers. The program was explained during telephone interviews and Welcome Packets were distributed to enthusiastic residents who often said, “This is too good to be true!”

During the period September 2020 to October 2021:

26 Borregans received mileage reimbursement.

34 drivers provided over 4,000 volunteer hours.

6,441 medical and 3,161 essential shopping trips were taken.

32,787 miles were reimbursed.

118 unique destinations in 26 unique cities were served.”

Some LGB riders have used the program while dealing with temporary medical needs.

For information on Let’s Go Borrego, please contact Marilyn Cole at 425-343-8526 or

Year One Project Highlights

Reporting Period: September 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021

Clients Served:

40 applicants

25 active riders

Client Profile:

Female: 26

Male: 14

Average Age: 76

Oldest: 91

Youngest: 18



One-Way Trips:

Total: 875

Medical Trips: 578

Grocery/RX: 285

Life Trips: 12


Total Requested: 50,071

Reimbursed: 32,787

Not Reimbursed: 17,284

Volunteer Hours:

Driving 3,998

Program Support 240


Unique Destinations 118

Unique Cities 26

Outside Borrego Springs Trips and Percentages:

La Jolla 80, 17%

San Diego 60, 13%

Poway 58, 13%

Ramona 65, 14%

Additional cities include Algodones, Brawley, Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, El Centro, Encinitas, Escondido, Indio, Julian, La Mesa, La Quinta, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Ranchita, Rancho Mirage, San Marcos, Santee, Temecula, Vista, and Yuma

Reimbursements as of Sept. 30 2021: $16,394