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Propeller Bar & Grill


Last updated 11/1/2021 at 12:40pm

The Propeller Bar & Grill at the Borrego Valley Airport has certainly seen some action in the last two weeks. Lucky Tongue was back on Oct. 15, playing their great songs, having just flown in from Hawaii. They will be back in December.

The 2021 Akrofest had their annual aerobatic competition at the airport with a party on Oct. 22 at the Propeller. Their three top pilots gave a special display for the crowd before the band Summer Breeze started playing inside the restaurant, and everyone danced the night away. Great food and drinks, as usual, with the Guadalupian Shimp Spoon Bites being the favorite. Jordy, the new barman makes a mean martini. Too good. I hear they will be having live music every week. Looking forward to that.

– Jim Fishman

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