Art Shows in October


Last updated 10/22/2021 at 10:42am

Flora, Fauna and Flamenco at the Borrego Art Institute

The Art Of Flora and Fauna show currently at the Borrego Art Institute is not specific to artworks that represent Borrego wildlife and nature. However, one might suppose surrounded by such a stunning natural environment as Borrego a stronger artistic selection might have been generated than this rather artistically disappointing, mediocre, selection of works.

There are, however, several exceptions thankfully that make the show worth visiting. Principally, Jake Edwards absolutely, visually fantastic, huge creepy crawly 'Green Hornet,' metal sculpture. One of several works by Edwards all really well crafted, creatively inventive and unusual.

Edwards grew up close to a wildlife preserve which inspired and nurtured a lifetime close relationship between his art and nature. This is a fun installation for kids to visit.

'Sacred Datura Bloom & Bud,' by Vanessa Rusczyk is a luminous, masterful, study of light.

'The Greeter,' by Deanna Ditzler another treasure.

There are few biographies of the artists displayed which is usual for BAI and in my opinion disappointing for the viewer who might be interested to know more about the artist showing.

I wish I did not feel that artist's sometimes are not always of central importance at BAI.

The Silent Guitar

A career behind him as an automotive engineer designing vehicle components for Honda, Ford and GM, Sharif Carter found his passion as a nonconformist artist. Often painting outside of a studio environment preferring painting live in nightclubs surrounded and inspired by an energized music and social scene.

Talking about his art Sharif said, "The subjects are icons from music, film, and politics who inspire me. Symbols are reversed or upside down to represent my frustrations in life. Profanity is an absolute must."

Carter has created three distinct series of works, Spanish Flamenco Dancer, Modern Jazz, Poker Player. The series currently shown at BAI is from Sharif's Flamenco series.

Overall the works show a flamboyant flair with long flowing, energized, rhythmic brush work. Sharif is a talented colorist pushing color and line to set the emotion.

The limitations seem to be a certain repetitiveness in the composition. I feel that Carter has an enormous talent but that he has confined his artistic expression in his choice of subject and composition. He has I think something bigger to say artistically, closer to his artistic intellect, profound, possible controversial. Sharif has an enormous talent he may only have explored superficially so far.

Show runs from October 2, thru October 31.

The House of Borrego Springs East Gallery – Lisa Meldrum

Lisa Meldrum, a newly retired art teacher from Los Angeles, decided to take a look at her life long interest in paper. This enduring love of paper collided with her keen interest in Mid Century Architecture and resulted in Lisa building 10 mini models of residential Mid-Century houses in Borrego.

The project reflects her interest in 1950's and 1960's architecture, flat roofs, angular details and asymmetrical profiles, expansive walls of glass clean lines and wide open floor plans all hallmarks of Mid Century Modern residential style.

After some early attempts that were challenging and encouraged by curator and owner of The House Of Borrego Springs, Elizabeth Rodriquez, Lisa developed and honed in her miniature house building skills. During this past summer, she set about researching Mid Century Modern homes in the Borrego Springs Valley and finally selected the 10 homes she recreated in miniature for this show.

An ambitious undertaking. In her own words.

"I learned I could do things I did not think I could do."

Determined Lisa broke through the considerable learning curve and without using a pre made kit, painstakingly recreated the mini house models. Lisa mastered her crafting skills. Artistically replicating pattered concrete, breeze block, landscaping and elongated sloping roofs.

Visit the show at the The House Of Borrego, East Gallery it's fascinating and an engaging, artistic tribute to Mid-Century Modern architecture in Borrego Valley.