By Francoise Rhodes
Chamber Executive Director 

Chamber Welcomes New Members


Last updated 7/19/2021 at 11:17am

Yes it’s summer and hot, however that doesn’t mean the world nor Borrego Springs shuts down. Many years ago that’s what did happen in desert communities but as the years went by more homeowners became year-round residents and the visitors just kept coming.

With that said lets welcome several new members to the Chamber starting with the

Borrego Springs Firefighters Association. Borrego Springs is fortunate to have this dedicated team looking after us and we thank you!

Next is realtor David Ripplinger with Coldwell Banker. You’ll see David zipping around town in his custom golf car with a big smile on his face; he loves our wide open spaces.

Finally, we all have laundry and thanks to Tubs Laundromat located at the southwest corner of The Mall there’s no need to worry about our laundry pile getting too large.

Once again “Welcome” new members to the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce. As a footnote, the Chamber has many individuals as members, so don’t think we’re only for businesses!

Now onto Borrego Days 55, October 23 – 24, at Christmas Circle. Since my last writings, we’ve already been in contact with some of the entertainment, food truck owners, beer garden aficionados, vendors and more, so the wheels are in motion. The sponsorship levels are almost complete along with our plea for volunteers, which both will be going out soon! We know it’s summer and hard to think about October, but we must for the festival to be a success. Feel free to call the Chamber at 760-767-5555 or email me directly at with your enthusiastic offer of help, and start practicing now for our 1st Annual Borrego Days Amateur Talent Show with judges and cash prizes, more details to come!

Françoise Rhodes,

Executive Director

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center


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