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Martha Deichler Honored


Last updated 6/4/2021 at 12:13pm

Photo Courtesy of Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce

State Assemblyman Randy Voepel, Martha Deichler and Borrego Chamber President Clint Brandin.

A woman who embodies exemplary characteristics, and one who shines a bright light on those who come across her path, was honored as the 2021 Woman of the Year for the 71st Assembly District by Assemblyman Randy Voepel. And that person is Borrego Springs' very own, Martha Deichler.

While abiding with COVID-19 restrictions and modifications, a safe socially distanced event attended by her closest friends, was held at Rams Hill on May 14 to honor Deichler.

"It was my distinct honor and privilege to select Borrego Springs' Martha Deichler as California's 71st Assembly District Woman of the Year. Her outstanding leadership, unwavering support, and valuable contributions for the betterment of her community should be commended and appreciated by all," Voepel said. "Martha is one of those people who goes above and beyond to help those in her community who may need a ride or something brought to them. She does all of this while also serving on multiple boards and committees. She loves her community and shows it through her acts."

When she learned she was named for the honor, Deichler jokingly told the Sun that she was sure it was a mistake, but humbly accepted.

"Of course I am honored and humbled because I am able to receive this award only because of all the folks in Borrego Springs who are part of the wonderful volunteerism that makes our village special. We all work together for the good of our special place. They are also recipients of this award and I share it with them," she said.

Deichler was nominated by Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Françoise Rhodes, who said that after reading the description of criteria, she immediately thought of Deichler. Those nominated include elected officials, teachers, civic volunteers, leaders of nonprofit organizations and others.

Rams Hill hosted a fabulous and elegant event. Their Food and Beverage Manager, Dennis O'Leary, ordered scrumptious hors d'oeuvres and wine, and the Santa Rosa room was filled with the sweet scent of the huge gorgeous bouquet of lilies Rams Hill presented to Deichler. For many folks, this was the first time they have been together since the COVID-19 shut down.

"The atmosphere was full of gaiety, light hugs and lively conversation. I was thrilled to be the reason this could happen!"

Deichler is nothing short of driven, constantly involved in the improvement of the community, all the while doing things with a positive attitude. Her caring nature surely does not go unnoticed, expanding to lists you can barely keep track of.

Deichler is involved with multiple organizations whose work has an impact on the welfare, viability and enrichment of the lives of our families and children – her passions. These include Rotary, Civic Foundation, Borrego Valley Stewardship Council, Borrego Water Master (alternate), COVID 19 Task Force, Basic Assistance to Students in the Community, Borrego Art Institute, Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego and Borrego Health.

Keeping up with everything going on is not an easy task, and for Deichler, she credits her work as the former Borrego Springs Unified School District Superintendent.

"I was struck by the multiple organizations and individual's who wished to volunteer, assist, donate to and support our students and families! As soon as I retired as the superintendent, I wanted nothing more than to ensure that these gestures of kindness and support did not go unanswered. Therefore I created my new position as "School-Community Liaison" and if I invented it, then I have to work it," she said. "It is motivating and satisfying but more than that, it is proving to be successful. One example is the formation of a fabulous partnership with our high school students and the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park where our students will be interning in various departments within the Park with an eye on future employment."

As BSUSD School-Community Liaison, her role is to connect our children and families, most of whom are low income, to the resources, scholarships, funds, activities, employment opportunities, mentors, tutors and partnerships in our community that will enhance and improve their lives.

"Borrego Springs is like no other community I have known in its wealth of resources, philanthropy and kindness shown towards its families," she said.

Right now, Deichler is busy, as always, but she said she is currently working with Borrego Health and various entities in our community to, "save" the Children's Center and Frugal Coyote, two organizations important to the welfare of our families. Along with the COVID Task Force, I am ensuring that our Spanish-speaking community members get signed up for the vaccination, either with CalFire or the Clinic. There's much to be done!"

Deichler also said she is also excited to be part of the opening of the Community Resource Center (CRC) in the former library in the Mall. Along with Jim Wermers and Dan Wright, the CRC is becoming a focal point for families and individuals seeking food, gratis legal advice, employment opportunities, speakers, classes and much more to come.

The Borrego Sun congratulates Martha Deichler on this honor, and are appreciative that the small village of Borrego Springs has a woman with a big heart like her.